More Time For Us

“If we only had more time” is a familiar phrase to most of us. It doesn’t seem to matter in what regard, we’re always wishing we had more. Time is a funny thing. You can’t buy it, find it, or make it. We can, however, make More Time for Us. Welcome to our journey.

Home – aka “The Beast”

After leaving Zeeland on June 29th, we moved “home” to my mom’s place, east of Hart, where I spent my childhood. We used their RV parking spot in the shade, complete with hookups and a view of the gardens, fields, and the woods I grew up in. We were able to spend time with family over the 4th of July holiday, see the Silver Lake fireworks, attend picnics, go hiking, and go sailing with friends.

Liam replacing brakes on the Beast

We also utilized this time to complete several projects that otherwise would have been nearly impossible on the road. Both the truck and 5th wheel received new brakes and bearings, and the kids’ room finally has a desk, bookshelf, and a ladder for Ella. Liam learned how to get his hands greasy!

Liam, Ella, Easton and Bailey in the creek

The kids spent much of their time in the creek with their cousins Easton and Bailey, building forts, exploring the woods, and poking at the campfire with sticks, logs, paper, and the occasional marshmallow. They reminded me very much of me and my sister at that age.

Prior to moving back to Hart, We’d already started calling the 5th Wheel “home”. For me, it was surprising how quick the transition was to identifying a temporary location as such – but being back in Hart for two weeks made calling “home” home even easier.


Our adventures have just begun. The house is sold, we moved into “The Beast” (40 foot Dutchman Komfort 5th wheel), and have been working on projects in/on the Beast while visiting with family and friends. We’re going to try to share fun content from our travels, which shouldn’t be too difficult! What may be tougher is sharing the “real” moments…introverts like us find this challenging! Nevertheless, it’s important for us to be true to ourselves, family and friends, and we will try to avoid glossing over the difficult and uncomfortable moments in efforts to be genuine.

With that being said, packing and leaving our home of 13 years was terribly difficult. The memories created, improvements made, and neighbors/friends we love were hard to part with. Saying “goodbye” and “see ya later” caused emotions to swing back and forth several times a day for the last few weeks leading up to our departure. Once we actually pulled into Dutch Treat Campground (where we stayed for 10 days), that anxiety gave way to excitement about the local park, recreation opportunities at the campground, and seeing friends and family before we leave Michigan. Spending time with my sister and niece, parents, Ella’s friend, Ava, the Miedemas, the Berry family, several of my friends/co-workers and Jason’s co-workers has been a blessing we hadn’t initially planned on. Not only have they offered hugs, advice, and many laughs, they have offered verbal support. All of the “That sounds awesome,” “We’ll keep in touch via your blog/email,” “We wish we could do that too,” “I brought you wine/something I made/something for your camper,” sentiments, have helped us transition and reminded us that wherever our house may be, it’s only really truly a home when we share it with others. At the end of the day, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

Looking for a nice place to stay in lower Michigan? Head to Zeeland, which is close to Holland. Ask for directions to Dutch Treat, on Chicago drive. This campground has a nice pond, park, and pool, with a bit of road, and train noise. Hop on your bike, and head down the road to Huizenga park, a few tenths of a mile away. It’s great for littler kids, and older ones too! It has a zipline, and other fun things to do. It even has a skate park! Hungry? Head, or order first from Vitale’s pizza. The large pizzas are huge! Multiple trees between campsites, allow room to put up hammocks. Dutch Treat was a place that we enjoyed, and would totally recommend it to others.