More Time For Us

“If we only had more time” is a familiar phrase to most of us. It doesn’t seem to matter in what regard, we’re always wishing we had more. Time is a funny thing. You can’t buy it, find it, or make it. We can, however, make More Time for Us. Welcome to our journey.

When the farm in Vermont invited us for a WOOF farm stay, the first thing they said was “we’d love to have you, but not sure if you can get up our drive”. We had several email exchanges and a phone conversation discussing the driveway. They posted a video of a log truck navigating the corners and even went as far to build a 40′ mock-up of our RV with proper axle location and height of the rear bumper. He towed the simulated “beast” with his solar powered golf cart and reported back was that everything looked good.

Us Michiganders usually underestimate just how steep, curvy, and hilly other parts of the country can be. Likewise, most folks underestimate just how big and heavy “The Beast” is. Looking at this photo below (along with many others he sent) the corner looks perfectly navigable. Or so we thought….

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As mentioned on our last post, we begrudgingly left our friends on Spencer Farm. In all honesty, we deliberated a LOT on where to go and what to do. Our Alaska trip was cancelled and due to COVID, many of the things we set out to do aren’t really options these days with the lack of open museums, visitor centers, ranger-led programs, and more.

We asked ourselves if it would be worth it to keep traveling at this time or should we throw in the towel and buy land and/or a house somewhere again? If we did this, our full-time travels would be finished as returning to a home would mean full-time jobs for us and school again for our quickly maturing tweens. Jason and I grappled with these questions quite a bit during our stay on Spencer Farm. The COVID-19 pandemic, as much as it messes up our travel plans, actually gave us the answer. Due to the economic situation we don’t currently have a job to return to, and the only reason we really wanted the kids back in school was for socializing and extracurricular activities (both of which have been cancelled indefinitely). So we figured we’d give the COVID-19 road-trip a try!

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Today was a strange and sad day as we said good-bye/see you later to all of our friends on Spencer Farm and Alabama. This shouldn’t have been that difficult, however, when the time arrived, both Jason and I found ourselves at a loss for words. We worked hard 5 or more hours every week day (the kids worked a couple of hours each day themselves) and honestly enjoyed having something purposeful to do in these strange times. Our family bonded with the baby goats, Daisy the puppy (who was looking less like a puppy in the past couple of weeks), the chickens, the cats, Winnie (the dog) and we even grew fond of the skittish cows. Above all, we shared a stressful time with some straight-up wonderful people for two months. In all honesty, we could have easily seen ourselves staying for the summer…that’s how much we enjoyed being with the Spencers, Chris, and Augusta at Spencer Farm.

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