One Year on the Road

One year ago today we left West Michigan for the road. It doesn’t seem like it. In some ways it seems like yesterday, and in other ways it seems like forever ago.

We’ve been to 28 states covering over 22,000 miles. We have seen both the start and end of the Mississippi river, crossed the continental divide going both West and then East, witnessed the tallest and largest trees on earth, slept on mountain peaks, stepped on the lowest place in North America, walked in rain forests and deserts, explored caves, kayaked a bit of the border between the US and Mexico, and stood in awe at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

We’ve spent time in our Nation’s majestic National Parks and more humble National Monuments. We have stayed in both small town America’s city parks, and under the lights of Las Vegas casinos. We’ve camped on BLM land, State Parks, and Army Corp sites. We have boondocked at the high tide line on the Gulf of Mexico, parked in fairgrounds, at friend’s places, and in stranger’s driveways. We’ve stayed on half a dozen farms and a couple wineries. Twice we’ve overnighted in a cemetery of sorts. Once we stayed at a shooting range. Every one place has been unique and each spot an experience in itself.

We started this journey for the time together, and we have found that and more. It’s not always easy. Every day has its challenges, but every day brings something we’re thankful for and creates memories we will treasure.

We know where we’ve been. Today we know where we’re at. Tomorrow we only have a direction to set off in, but we know we’ll find what we’re looking for.

2 Comments on “One Year on the Road”

  1. I can’t believe how much the kids have grown up over this past year! Must admit I would love to do what you are doing! Keep sharing!