Grand Marais, MN

World’s Best Donuts! Grand Marais

Grand Marais is a perfect small town, with busy streets and many cool things to do. Got a trailer? No problem. Head to the RV and tent campsite with 300 campsites to choose from. Want a nice calm site? Head to the tent camping area, where campers are easy going, and it is usually peaceful.

Skate Park in Grand Marais

Try and get a spot close to lake Superior, where rock skipping is easy. Moving on to the town, Grand Marais has many buildings close together. The whole city is on a slight hill, if you head into town! If you have your kids with you, take a scooter, or just walk up the hill to the YMCA, a playground and a skate park. (Above.) If you are alone, or with your spouse, try some of the coffee shops scattered around town. Maybe take a trip to the lighthouse, that is accessible by a large stretch of pier and rocks. The lighthouse offers a spectacular view of Lake Superior. Weather your looking for some fun, or some me time, Grand Marais is the place for you. -Liam