Christopher Springs Farm

On our route back West, we contemplated another farm stay (after our great experience at Spencer Farm, we were ready for another WOOFing assignment!). A WWOOFing farm in Ohio contacted us wondering if we would like to stay and work for week or two. During early summer, they are prepping and packing for their newly formed CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), so it is one of their busiest seasons of the year. This farm just so happened to be on our route, and we decided to stay for a week and a half and help the owner and farm manager, who owned a lot of land, and needed help tending to it at this time. I made a video about Christopher Springs during the time we stayed which is featured down below.

Here’s my short two minute video about the farm. Take the time to watch it, and if you haven’t yet, subscribe to HallackTube. Your support helps greatly. Thanks! 🙂

We started our three hour drive in the rain, and made it through Pittsburg with no height issues (luckily). On the way up the driveway, (not as steep as Mt. Nickwackett) we drug bumper for about ten seconds. All we heard was a sharp grinding noise as the bumper scraped the driveway.

Some of the common tasks that we had during our stay included: pruning and harvesting the many vegetables, feeding, watering, and mucking the chickens (this was me and Ella’s job,) weeding, constructing veggie washing tables, and other simple tasks.) Not that we didn’t like these chores, but the heat was almost intolerable. Luckily, work on Christopher Springs Farm started at eight, and only lasted till twelve. The host asked for twenty to thirty hours of work from us a week, and my parents worked half days. Ella and I usually did about one or two hours of work, varying on the temperature.

We had dinner once a week with the host, the first night being some very mouthwatering homemade pizza we cooked on the grill. The rest of the meals were made of meat from the local auction, as well as many veggies from the hoop houses on the farm.

We loved our stay on Christopher Springs Farm, and hope to go back someday to meet Emily and Heather again, (without the heat.) 🙂

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