Dutch Treat, Zeeland MI

Looking for a nice place to stay in lower Michigan? Head to Zeeland, which is close to Holland. Ask for directions to Dutch Treat, on Chicago drive. This campground has a nice pond, park, and pool, with a bit of road, and train noise. Hop on your bike, and head down the road to Huizenga park, a few tenths of a mile away. It’s great for littler kids, and older ones too! It has a zipline, and other fun things to do. It even has a skate park! Hungry? Head, or order first from Vitale’s pizza. The large pizzas are huge! Multiple trees between campsites, allow room to put up hammocks. Dutch Treat was a place that we enjoyed, and would totally recommend it to others.

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  1. Great review, buddy! Glad you guys enjoyed extra time with friends and family.