Home is where we park it

Home – aka “The Beast”

After leaving Zeeland on June 29th, we moved “home” to my mom’s place, east of Hart, where I spent my childhood. We used their RV parking spot in the shade, complete with hookups and a view of the gardens, fields, and the woods I grew up in. We were able to spend time with family over the 4th of July holiday, see the Silver Lake fireworks, attend picnics, go hiking, and go sailing with friends.

Liam replacing brakes on the Beast

We also utilized this time to complete several projects that otherwise would have been nearly impossible on the road. Both the truck and 5th wheel received new brakes and bearings, and the kids’ room finally has a desk, bookshelf, and a ladder for Ella. Liam learned how to get his hands greasy!

Liam, Ella, Easton and Bailey in the creek

The kids spent much of their time in the creek with their cousins Easton and Bailey, building forts, exploring the woods, and poking at the campfire with sticks, logs, paper, and the occasional marshmallow. They reminded me very much of me and my sister at that age.

Prior to moving back to Hart, We’d already started calling the 5th Wheel “home”. For me, it was surprising how quick the transition was to identifying a temporary location as such – but being back in Hart for two weeks made calling “home” home even easier.


2 Comments on “Home is where we park it”

  1. We were all super happy to have you “home”!!!!! It’s been a long time!

  2. Liam doing brakes already! Good work! You don’t even need books for homeschooling. These are great experiences! Ok, you should probably have some books too, but… these are great life experiences!