Social Distancing in an RV – Chapter 3

Monday March 23, Day 8 at the Farm

The adjacent property has a professionally managed fishing pond. Today we ended up with about 50 medium sized bass that were pulled from the pond. It was great repetition to learn and get better at cleaning and filleting!

Tuesday March 24, Day 9 at the Farm

Soap cutting day.

Wednesday March 25, Day 10 at the Farm

Chris, the longtime WOOFer, raises rabbits. Ella has been in love with them. She sits out there most days with her fingers through the cage wishing she had a pet. Any pet would do.

Thursday March 26, Day 11 at the Farm

Our 2nd pasta night at the Spencer’s. The movie tonight was a documentary on Mr. Rogers. Pretty neat to remember watching that as a kid and seeing the documentary now.

Friday March 27, Day 12 at the Farm

Caught a catfish this afternoon to go with the bass we cleaned on Monday. Had a great fish dinner followed by another game of Catan. Chris won. Again.

Saturday March 28, Day 13 at the Farm

Walmart grocery pickup day today. We haven’t been for about 10 days and hope to last another couple of weeks before we need to go out again. There wasn’t any bread so we got lots of flat bread and tortilla shells. Probably being over cautious with sanitizing our groceries – but it gives me some feeling of control over what is going on – so they get dunked, wiped, or left in the truck for a day.

Sunday March 29, Day 14 at the Farm

Hot out, so the kids went swimming in the pond with Chris.

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