Social Distancing in an RV – Chapter 7

Monday April 20 – Day 36 at the Farm

Today we did some rewiring of the shop to make some plugs more accessible and also added a light above the stove in the bunkhouse and a switch to turn it off and on. (if you think the switch always comes with adding a light – you haven’t been in the bunkhouse). The job was done farm style, which simply means you go dig through the barn and find what you can use from the salvage pile.

One of our favorite things on the farm is dinner with the Spencers 4 nights per week. Laura is always cooking up something awesome which is no small feat with 11 of us on the farm right now. We get cleaned up from our day and head to the farmhouse at 7pm. I enjoy watching the kids jump on their bikes and roll through the group of cows that are usually blocking the road.

Our ride back is usually in the dark. Sometimes we use a flashlight and sometimes we’ve got enough moonlight to avoid the fresh cow patties. Ella has gotten good at identifying stars and constellations. We’ll have to spend some more time outside at night this summer.

Tuesday April 21 – Day 37 at the Farm

Today Liam and I added a solar panel to the Ranger. The charging system went out on it so this should keep it charged and also keep the battery topped off.

As a family we also helped Chip construct a section of “dewberry” fence in the orchard. Tricia and the kids had collected some dewberry plants from around the farm and we transplanted them. Hopefully next time we’re back we’ll be able to see the “fruits” of our labor!

Wednesday April 22 – Day 38 at the Farm

So things aren’t looking good around the country. Cases have passed 800,000 and deaths passing 44,000. The US is adding about 30,000 cases and 2,000 deaths a day.

Oftentimes on this journey we’re on I wake up in the morning and it takes a few seconds to figure out where we are. Now, it seems, I wake up and for that same few seconds forget that this is going on around the world. It just doesn’t seem possible that we’re here on a farm feeding the goats in the morning and all this is happening.

I taught a solar basics class today at the bunkhouse for Chip Chris, Tricia & Augusta. The kids were supposed to stay and call it a science lesson but they ducked out after a few minutes when I wasn’t looking.

Thursday April 23 – Day 39 at the Farm

One of the things I know I will miss most when we leave Spencer farm is fresh food from the farm. We’ve currently got micro-greens from the greenhouse, swiss chard, kale, and chives on. We’re also starting to produce red tomatoes from our Aero-Garden! Lunch sure looks good today.

Speaking of food, tonight is pasta and movie night. Annie was the movie.

Friday April 24 – Day 40 at the Farm

The Spencers caretake an adjacent 600 acres and as part of that help with the pasturing and stalling of a couple of horses. The kids (especially Ella) enjoyed when we would have to take a field trip off the farm and head next door for something. After all, this has been the only time they have set foot off the property!

Venison burgers and fries for dinner tonight! Yum.

Saturday April 25 – Day 41 at the Farm

This morning Chris went and caught a black rat snake from the chicken coop and gave the kids a lesson in how to tell a venomous snake from a non-venomous. Perhaps this will increase the egg production.

Tonight we invited the Spencers to the bunkhouse for grilled chicken and their own pork bratwurst. We grilled it over a smoky wood fire and it was excellent! We got everybody together for a photo of the stickering of Alabama on our travel map!

Sunday April 26 – Day 42 at the Farm

Today our “porch” tomatoes at the camper have blossoms. We keep being amazed at how fast things grow here.

Liam got to drive the Ram a bit. We fished, flew Mac’s kite, and the kids helped Augusta make dinner. Another good week at the farm.