Spencer Farm, AL Parts 1, and 2

From the production that brought you Monterey Bay Aquarium, Music to Relax your Mind, comes, Spencer Farm, Parts 1 and 2! (This was so fun to produce!!!)

HallackTube Productions has Partnered with WWOOF hosts Chip and Laura Spencer to create stunning footage of rural A.L. Featuring music by Mac and V.K Spencer, interviews with many different people, and baby animals; Spencer Farm, Alabama makes for some real nice scenery. HallackTube productions presents: Spencer Farm, Alabama, Parts 1 and 2!!!

Spencer Farm, AL Part One!

That one took quite some time to produce, but it was really fun getting all those shots. We have enough footage to get a deleted scenes and bloopers video. 🙂

Spencer Farm, AL Part Two!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these two videos that took me almost two months to put together! Could you please subscribe if you haven’t already? Thanks for your support! 🙂 Stay tuned, and stay safe!!!