Social Distancing in an RV – Chapter 8

Monday April 27 – Day 43 at the Farm

The first tomato in Leda’s garden. In April. It has been crazy watching things grow so fast here. We put these plants in the ground the week we arrived – about 40 days ago. Who knows, maybe we’ll be around to see a red tomato?

Tuesday April 28 – Day 44 at the Farm

This morning we put up framing for a greenhouse that Chip had been wanting to get up. Since the cage was still on the tractor we put it to good use at the mulberry tree.

Wednesday April 29 – Day 45 at the Farm

Chris has been telling the kids he’d teach them some fire starting techniques. He said anyone can start a fire when it’s dry out – but not everyone can start one in the rain. Today it rained – and we learned. First he showed us how to find or make dry tinder, then kindling, and prepare it all on an elevated “bed”. We used a ferrocerium rod and steel to create sparks and even in the rain we made fire. I know I learned a lot and I’m sure the kids did too. Thanks Chris.

Thursday April 30 – Day 46 at the Farm

This morning we pulled an additional fence line for the goats and then mended cow fence around the bunkhouse. Afterward we grabbed some cold beers and went for a farm tour on the Polaris.

Pasta and movie night! We brought “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. One of our favorites on this trip.

Friday May 1 – Day 47 at the Farm

When we drained the RV water tank in December before we left it in Las Vegas, I noticed that there was a significant amount of water I couldn’t get at with the pump. This afternoon I pulled the underbelly skin off and quickly realized two issues.

  1. The tank is bowed to the point of concern of failure.
  2. The pickup on the side is an inch high on the tank.

I swapped the pickup and the drain locations and I used a piece of C-Channel to build a cross member to support the bottom of the tank. I estimate we went from 15 unusable gallons to only 3!

Saturday May 2 – Day 48 at the Farm

Chris and Liam spent much of today smoking their coon-skins in preparation for hats. The smoking allows the skins to get wet and still be flexible when it dries. It was really cool to watch Liam learn and be excited about the process.

Sunday May 3 – Day 49 at the Farm

This morning Liam and Ella had a pancake cook-off. Liam did sourdough pancakes and Ella did fluffy pancakes. They even made mulberry syrup!

We repacked the bearings on the RV and the kids made a hot-tub from a watering trough.

Homemade pizza for dinner. Can’t beat that!