Social Distancing in an RV – Chapter 9

Monday May the4th be with you – Day 50 at the Farm

Ella heard something in the goat pasture this morning and turned out it was a small bunny in distress due to this rat snake. The bunny didn’t make it and neither did the snake. Put another notch on the garden hoe.

Tuesday May 5 – Day 51 at the Farm

This evening we had an awesome garden party. Chip grilled Spencer Farm brats and Tricia made potato salad. Laura fried up some summer squash from the garden. I do think this may become a Spencer Farm tradition to celebrate the first garden bounty of the season.

Wednesday May 6 – Day 52 at the Farm

Chris picked up two new calves from the auction last week at a good price. With the meat processing plants shutting down, the feedlots have cattle they don’t know what to do with. Now the farmers have cattle they can’t sell. It’s all a mess – one link in the supply chain breaks and everything stops.

Regardless, we ear-tagged them and gave them their shots. Chip designed his stockyard fencing based on Temple Grandin’s work. Pretty interesting stuff.

Thursday May 7 – Day 53 at the Farm

The kids have made use of the concrete wrap around porch on the bunkhouse for scootering – one of their favorite ways to be kids on the farm.

I did a bit of mowing today in Docs field. Pasta and movie night! Star Wars III.

Friday May 8 – Day 54 at the Farm

Writing half of the day off to rain, we worked at one of the more tedious jobs on the farm – digging out the cattle grates. This one, inaccessible to a shovel, was better suited to the kids’ smaller hands. Too bad their attention span for jobs like this is only about half an hour!

Saturday May 9 – Day 55 at the Farm

Liam worked most of the day on his coon skin cap. Ella played with the baby chicks and helped mom make some potato soup.

Sunday May 10 – Day 56 at the Farm

Mother’s Day today. The kids and I shopped local. Laura has a “studio” just down the road from the farm with a storefront of her products. Just so happened that Tricia texted me a list of what she might want from there as we went out on our secret shopping trip.

We also took a field trip to Old Cahawba. It was the location of Alabamas first state capital from 1820-1825. Ella quipped that “the only place we could go was a ghost town” in reference to the kids first departure from the farm in several weeks.

Finally made a loaf of sourdough that rose. It was pretty yummy.

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  1. love the coon ski n hats ! thanks so much for keeping me up to date on your trips !

    Loved the visit VERY MUCH !