Social Distancing in an RV – Chapter 10

Monday May 11 – Day 57 at the Farm

To start the week off we cut some limbs down at the studio and Tricia and the kids hauled the brush away with the tractor and dump trailer. Liam is getting really good at backing that tractor.

Liam finished off his hat and, rightfully so, is pretty proud of that thing. Chris and him both wore them to dinner at the Spencer’s house. That is one souvenir he won’t forget the story of!

We’ve decided that we’ll be leaving Spencer farm on Sunday. We’re sad to see this chapter of our adventure coming to an end. Our current plans are to head to Michigan to see family and then figure out what is next for us on this journey.

Tuesday May 12 – Day 58 at the Farm

We did our second garden party this evening. Laura made a chorizo taco filling and Liam served us up some hot tortilla shells. We had a nice bonfire and really enjoyed the evening. We’re going to miss these.

Wednesday May 13 – Day 59 at the Farm

We split the wood that we cut on Monday, and stacked it in the woodshed by the garden. The kids weren’t having a good time until Augusta suggested we pass the wood like a bucket brigade. The kids thought that was great and turned the task into a fun cooperative operation.

After dinner tonight, Ella and I spent some time admiring the spider web built on our 5th wheel gooseneck. It had positioned it under our docking lights, which should do a good job of attracting some insects for it tonight.

Thursday May 14 – Day 60 at the Farm

It’s starting to feel like summer down here. The heat is one of the reasons we say it’s time to move on, but really I think we’re getting too comfortable where we’re at. It’s time to shake things up again and go find our adventure.

Our last Thursday pasta and a movie. We brought “RV”. One of our favorites, (mainly due to living in one). Also our last night eating with the Spencers on this stay.

Friday May 15 – Day 61 at the Farm

Many weekday mornings the kids get up and complain about how early it is and how they don’t want to go to “work”. This morning Liam got up and said “I’m really sad that this is our last work day here”.

One of the most important things we hope the kids can take away from this experience at the farm is some work ethic. It isn’t everyday for most families that the kids can get up early and work alongside their parents to see this behavior modeled. It has been really special working together with them and seeing them find their place on the farm.

Saturday May 16 – Day 62 at the Farm

We spent the day mostly preparing for departure. When we’re stationary, things slowly migrate out of the RV into the surroundings (in this case, the bunkhouse). We’ve got our fishing gear, bikes, scooters, toys, dinnerware and utensils mostly wrangled up. We’ll forget something, I’m sure.

We grabbed some fresh garden vegetables. The squash, cucumbers, and peppers are really coming on. Too bad we’re a couple of weeks out of seeing those tomatoes turn red.

We added our hand prints on the wall in the greenhouse. Even though we didn’t get to color in a new state or country, I think we’ve left our mark.

Augusta and Chris cooked a great dinner. Pasta with pesto and venison meatballs. We finished up the evening with another game of Catan hoping to beat Chris. We didn’t, but it was a good game and Liam was having fun even though he wasn’t winning.

Sunday May 17 – Portland, TN

Our last morning here after 2 months on the farm. There were a few tears and some “see ya’ll later” but no goodbyes. The Spencers sent us with some produce, granola, eggs, goats milk, and some chorizo. We took a couple of our patio tomato plants, and a whole lot of memories and set out on our way North.

We made it to Portland TN and stayed at a winery with our Harvest Host membership and celebrated with a bottle of pinot grigio.