More Time For Us

“If we only had more time” is a familiar phrase to most of us. It doesn’t seem to matter in what regard, we’re always wishing we had more. Time is a funny thing. You can’t buy it, find it, or make it. We can, however, make More Time for Us. Welcome to our journey.

One year ago today we left West Michigan for the road. It doesn’t seem like it. In some ways it seems like yesterday, and in other ways it seems like forever ago.

We’ve been to 28 states covering over 22,000 miles. We have seen both the start and end of the Mississippi river, crossed the continental divide going both West and then East, witnessed the tallest and largest trees on earth, slept on mountain peaks, stepped on the lowest place in North America, walked in rain forests and deserts, explored caves, kayaked a bit of the border between the US and Mexico, and stood in awe at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

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On our route back West, we contemplated another farm stay (after our great experience at Spencer Farm, we were ready for another WOOFing assignment!). A WWOOFing farm in Ohio contacted us wondering if we would like to stay and work for week or two. During early summer, they are prepping and packing for their newly formed CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), so it is one of their busiest seasons of the year. This farm just so happened to be on our route, and we decided to stay for a week and a half and help the owner and farm manager, who owned a lot of land, and needed help tending to it at this time. I made a video about Christopher Springs during the time we stayed which is featured down below.

Here’s my short two minute video about the farm. Take the time to watch it, and if you haven’t yet, subscribe to HallackTube. Your support helps greatly. Thanks! 🙂

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We’re realizing on our travels (and with life in general) that Plan A doesn’t always make sense and that it’s okay to go with Plan B or C. Sometimes, changes in plans lead to equally good (if not better) experiences and this is something we’re trying to embrace more and pass on to the kiddos as well.

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